Özgüden in Naples: "An islamo-fascist regime within Europe”

Ansa.it - 20/09

NAPLES - Turkey is an "Islamofascist regime within Europe, a country in which over 100 journalists are in prison", said journalist and former member of the Turkish Workers' Party Dogan Ozguden on Tuesday.

Ozguden, 81, was speaking at the opening of 'Imbavagliati', the international festival of civil journalism running in Naples until September 24.

"The coup in July has only served to legitimise a repression that was already underway, while Turkey continues to sit on the Council of Europe and its entry into the EU is still under discussion," the former reporter for Milliyet and Sabah and editor of left-wing daily Aksam said.

Ozguden recounted his professional history and the forms of censorship to which he was subjected, leading to several trials for thought crimes that obliged him to flee to Belgium. However, "nothing irreversible", he said. "Turkey is a great country with many young people, many ethnic groups and religions," Ozguden said. (ANSA)

Two videos of the conference:



Texte complet de l'intervention de Dogan Özgüden à Naples: http://www.info-turk.be/457.htm#complet